Evolution of the Universe

                                                             Evolution of the Universe

                                               The creation of all mater and time & space

Quantum Mechanics theory of dark energy build up and an energy release that created the void, this then created a very large super massive black hole so massive that the majority of the space was dark energy build up and dark matter creation that thickened space with elementary particles to create the atoms. due to the ordering of the relationship of chaos gave an aria of created attraction and a collection of certain elements for matter creation to appear in certain environmental conditions to satisfy the order of chaos. The environment of the void started to evolve and matter was then moved into arias use to help form the order of the newly created evolving working aria of random chaotic order. Natures natural light circuitry controls the management of the ordering of space and builds the relationship to matter creation through colored light & temperature. Presser plays a later part after gravity has taken place under the density of matter. The outer rim of the hole follows the order of a confinement for a good environment for a controlled reaction. The event horizon under a weak energy that had an equal and opposite reaction of pushing matter that has been created outwards and inwards. The diverse environment of Dark Energy built a relationship to Dark Matter using the area of the partial periodic table of elements. The elements in the layers of space creat the link to energy particles and waveform concentrated into a massive energy build up of weak force that then released its energy and created an aria of a hole called the void before the big bang reaction.

The Void the great expanse before the big bang created time and space in motion, the universe was thick in layer with boundaries of size separating areas of the universe and all layers of the separations has a tension layer to keep it separated so all arias of dark matter and dark energy could exist in all places all at the same time acting and reacting with one another, creating a tension layer through the three dimensions, but like all size takes it place the tension of each layer of the three dimensions creating a support layer of tension so each layer can rest upon each other with out interfering with one another and creating a relationship of a connection with each other. So a communication wave between all layers can be sent as multypul forms of a transport of communication. Photonic light can produce a temperature and as matter can produce friction and heat. So decay and heat or degrees of temprecher have a part to play in the communications of all things bonding, binding and unbinding. Now Light Has a big part to play in the make up of the universe and covers all arias of the universe passing through and decaying into all parts of the universe and the smaller they become the further they pass through the layers of all thing. Small parts of light wave as particle light or photonic light dwell as the smallest parts of dark energy and help to build the dark matter so physical matter can be created in the three dimensions of the visible. Rainbow variants of communication (shaded light) help in the manipulation of matter creation. Dark Energy is only Dark Energy in its hidden state and because of the chaotic random nature of energy it build a multitude of frequencies increasing the density.

The big bang reaction started in arias of a radius that follows the natural order of mass for the size of the radial hole of the containment, environmental  process of the layers under the natural order so fare created, started the explosion and folding and unfolding of materials which in turn started the creation of matter and the coming together of all materials. All atoms combine in different orders to create the stuff for a universe to use, some combine to make water some to make gasses and some make matter. So in turn the young evolving universe is created and the motion of all thing starts to move and time is created. The circle of life has started for all matter, gasses and light but like all thing come to and end ether by erosion or decay the universe evolves back to its primal state of atoms and nuclei ready for the process to start again. Now if you think of all mater from neutron to atom to larger and more complex matter, then the universe is also seen as a large part of matter. The propagation of matter for the suns to generate there fuel requirements turning it back to nuclei and atoms ready for reuse in the universe but like all mater that evolves from one state to another, the more complex it becomes and space is created.

If the inertia of the universe is rotating then this would create gravity to fall on all matter and produce gravity wells as it became heavy by the rotation & the rotation of individual clusters of matter like galaxies also rotate to create graverty. This would create a motion were some matter would be pulled into the gravity of other objects to create the 1st suns and then to create the 1st planetary body`s the universe start to evolve becoming more and more divers in its creation and space is generated and distance becomes were all wave forms can travel to illuminate the hole of creation. As light is created then the opportunity arises for more complex structures to evolve and as light enters the universe it then interacts with the smaller parts for creation that then creates a chemical reaction that starts of the building blocks for complex life to form, as all the buildingblock`s are created then it takes only time for it evolve.

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