Evolution of the Universe

The Universe

Universe modelling. New Model to follow

1st thoughts of universe model

(The young universe just after the bigbang was a blinding flash of light that sent the 1st light wave out in to the void and that light is still traveling the full length of the void, but the 1st fusion and nuclear reaction occurred, the physical universe slowed down and the atomisation to create gases and fusion of matter started the 1st chemistry of the universe off. The univers is one of constant change and the continuation of nuclear reaction continues as a cascade of stars and constant explosions and recreations of suns to keep the univers constantly in a reactive state and this has been escalating ever since the beginning of the reaction started called the big bang.  If you take the light wave of the 1st flash and alow your thinking to put the full light wave starting from the center of the big bang and alow it to straech out across the voide then the phisical light wave is clast as the phisical beginning of creation. If you think of evolution in the universe then the degradation of the 1st light flash is seen as radiationel dicay and the physical evolution as the universe evolving, then it means that the physical light wave is always the point of reality in the ever growing evolutionary stages of growth. So the optical light wave is the point of reality and is always the point of evolutionary growth. If the 1st light wave spread out and the evolving universe started to follow the light in a physical seance then you would be able to expect that the wave it self is a guide for matter to follow and as it evolves in complexity you would get the degradation of the remnants of the 1st flash and all of its decay left behind. so as you would look into the universe then all you would see is the decaying remnants of the 1st light wave and as the universe evolved to the state we are now then the expantion of the universe is constant in its evolutionary sates siting in the physical optical light wave and evolving from this point only leaving the remnants of growth in its expansion. 

The spectral Light of the universe and all its colors of visual and none visual. Using the visual light spectrum to age the universe on a light scale of a spectrum to age the universe galaxies and nebula through observation of the galaxy and the nebula, from the center of an object and the brightness of the center you can age the gasses by its color and how long its been created as an old decaying galaxy or nebula. The Spectrum complexities of shaded colors represent time periods and age as a measuring guyed of spectral shades of light. The 1st point of white light is the youngest point of light and all the arias of spectrum become the time periods of ageing. All arias of shading as the 1st stages of each spectral point of the 1st age of each aria of spectral light. Relativity and the arias of relativity in the time period of light  in the same order of relativity and in the aria of size to bring about an ordered point of relative focus to aging, wave form as most of time has periods of density in the time period of size changes its state to a relative aria of time. The relative arias of time due to density of time changes it state to periods of size behaviour, time can be compressed and create an aria of natural relative behaviour due to its density. Aging of the universe is taken from the decaying remnants of light and radiation but the signatures of the 1st flash of light ( Theory : come from 3 points of focus to produce 3 arias of space ). This means that the big bang comes from 3 pints of a reaction to match the aria of energy build up to create an aria of a containment.)