Evolution of the Universe

Pure science is not the correct order of thinking the pure science teaching is incorrect and brings a misunderstanding to science. The rough geometry of chaos brings a better way of thinking and a true match to creation. The molecular structures of balls and sticks are also incorrect and is false in the building of them they create an impossible order of a structure and create arias of issues that do not comply to compression and or temperature. Geometry in three dimensions rely on light and time and space compression to bring an ordered structure to matter. Fluidity of space and manipulation of space is better in the thinking for a universe to be created. the educational literature needs up dating and bring into the aria of good education in science. Science in universities and the mathematics run on an imbalance and will hamper the education of any in the system, global publications need rebuilding and republication needed for the future of good science to create the new physical inventions. Applied science should be linked to industry and physical objects to improve the evidence of reality.

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