Evolution of the Universe

Matter Creation

Image result for diode 3 colours 

Image result for diode 3 colours

3 is the value of a quarks center = 2 up 1 down or 2 down 1 up. Variations of shade create a divers framework of a verid quark buildup & 3 variations of an energy signatures, so just as DNA matching requires a close variant for eg, so to complete its wave form fractional numbers play apart in the combination of its variable mixing to create a bonding and as nature would mix the colour's to create shades of colour to equal out or balance it it then takes the aria of a filing in to complete the binding. So color and its ability to change the wave form to a true match of an energy bonding.

Quarks in computing association eg

0 then 0 = 1 then 0= 1-1 then 0=2 then 0=2-1 then 0=3 = #0000FF (0,0,255)

0 then 0 = 1 then 0= 1-1 then 0=2 then 0=2-1 then 0=3 = #FF0000 (255,0,0)

0 then 0 = 1 then 0= 1-1 then 0=2 then 0=2-1 then 0=3 = #008000 rgb(0,128,0)

3 classes of size for partials - layers of multiple areas of size that exist in a one aria of space determined by the environment.

1 Partial 

2 Sub Partial

3 Sub Sub Partial

Molecular level of Matter Creation to Create the Dark Energy Dark Matter to Atoms Suns, Planets, Gases.

Order of Space ( hydrogen, helium, electromagnetic radiation, magnetic fields, neutrinos, dust, and cosmic rays )

Free space  Dark Energy = 0  Dark Matter = 1 and a partial of light can also be seen as apart of matter that builds the circle of energy to matter

So 0 is no reflection of any light and 1 is the reflection of a fraction of light.

Gasses created through the divers structures of created materials linked to the 1st since of metals, Gold, Platinum, Silver - through the explosions of Neutron and Proton stars.

Suns & Planets created under large volumes of matter & Gasses under compression under gravity and temperature 


light deflection on dark matter reason why light may be deflected = photonic light against atomic shells rebound or deflect particle hitting electron to create a photon and the path of light is sucked up by the photon as the passing light is incorporated in the photon created environment determines the direction of the deflection.

Why light may be deflected by dark matter that creates a lens affect in space Interaction of a particle of light on atoms with an electron jumping out to create a photon , were the light wave takes the electron out of its orbit and return it to its orbit on a constant inter action of the light wave curve creating a stream of photons to hold the reflected light source on a constant trajectory until the light source ends leaving the electron to stay in place until the next time an interaction occurs.

Matter creation using dark matter and dark energy reaction for galaxy's

Light from a collection of a source like a mass of suns in a center of a galaxy, creates the environment of a radiation of a radius this in turn starts a relationship between the layers of dark matter and dark energy were heat radiation and reaction starts a process off to create matter from the building blokes of the subatomic and all layered arias of size. This then builds a connection to the aria of three dimensional space and starts an ordered reaction on a small scale that then allows the process of bonding to form the 1st bits of large matter and they then start to appear as large bits of matter. This holds the relationship to gravity and the collection of matter to form larger parts of matter, this in turn creates a gravity to the object so  gasses can be attracted around an object and then starts the process off to create the 1st suns, so the extra heat created helps to build a localised aria of matter creation this then starts the process off of collecting matter to start the formation of planetary bodies.

Dark energy theory of diffusion. Dark Energy as cold energy production no light emissions influenced by temperature (before the Big Bang)

Photon creation from an electron to a diffused state into dark energy

Dark energy seen as a constant and helps to create light energy into visible light

Energy transfer from a partial to an electron

Motion as part of energy transfer linked to physical reaction on an object

Colors and the use of colors as a wave in dark energy and how thy react and interact

Light and particles of light as small wave forms hiding in the lower layers of size build there relationship with the shaded mixing to combine a bonding and a communication to start the process of matter creation no matter the size. So Dark matter and Dark Energy is seen as the Maine aria of all matter creation.

Chaotic order of Dark Energy to Dark Mater - Gravity indicates any mass of matter

Detectable signatures of Dark Energy Dark Matter to be found out.

Dark Energy    =  variable constant

Color                 = variable constant

Temperature  = variable constant

Gravity              = variable constant

So Dark Energy can be seen as the force holding the shells of subatomic and atomic together.

Light & Energy to physical matter = molecular bonding and inclusion of various combinations of physical states of density Due to the properties of light and the casings of magnetics of an electron holding & bonding, than anything that would be included ether by heat, pressure or any other force to increase density, than matter would appear and look solid. So relationship is agane size and as we all know very small thing can pass through matter so colure relationship is the reflection of one rejection of light, but to nature this rejection is not a rejection but an opportunity of visual light giving the area of visible light to the wave form.

Reaction cascade = light - heat Temperature - decay - binding - unbinding - change of state - chemistry - environment

Dark energy in the three dimensions penetrates all areas of space, Dark matter and dark energy in different but equal terms depending on the state of the transfer this diffusion from one state to another state as an eg of unseen energy = dark energy. The transfer from the huge matter state to the atomic through to the subatomic means that different states of light wave can only be seen in its environment but the relationship to color remains the same a colour photon is reflected to reveal the color of the photon so all photons of color produced some energy to keep the reflection stable for a constant state of visibility. Quark interia of a casing holding the blue - green - red stage of 3 waveforms to make a stable bond of a casing.

Heat and tempricher = similer states of chang like coloure change = relationship visible changes in all of the light wave determined by enviroment and visable detection due to wave form.

The constant chang from one state to another state of the dark energy & dark matter is in constant flux of a decay and a reaction. The substratred layers of the third dimentions are size, so the smaller the boundaries then size is a constant - to create the layers of space. In each aria of the substaratered layers are inbetween sizes that pass to and from, linking the layers and interacting with the layer creating a relationship of passing information through all layers.

Building Blocks of Quarks = information transfer from one Quark inertia changing its state to an equal state that then builds the nucleus. Electron attraction to the nucleus completes the build of an atom. The Building of Gluons are the arias of the 1st communication of the Quark inertia of wave communication and the relationship is communication, and the communication between the 3 creates a shaded arias of wave formation creating the bonding of the wave to another area of color linking the wave and completing the connection of a new waveform, so the Gluons are the arias of shaded bonding to complete the connection and as soon as the completion of the communication is bonded the electron is attracted to the Quarks groping and complete the final stage of its creation. Environment to create the casings are arias of magnetics and electrical current created by the environment of wave formation. So the relationship of a build is all environmental conditions in place that affects the grouping.

Galexis and their formation = Heat = Radiation Decay = Matter formation = Gravity = Compression = Density = Planetary Building = Complexity = Chemistry = Life.

Matter creation in Galexys must create just the right amount to the size of the radius and then equal out so all galexes must produce the same amount of matter to match the radius of the radiation and no more. Size of the heat source to diameter of radiation radius must determine the differences of galaxy's and environment materials.

The process to build is the same as the big bangs process and it continues in its complex state until a natural geometry of form to build a state of change. The 1st process was a change of state to creat an aria of matter production that created the 1st stars of the reaction that then lead to the production of metals Gold - Silver - Platinum. The process of environment and heat builds a complexity to the matter created and on building, leads to another molecular state of a molecular structure of divers light = shades to bring a change of state that equals to chaos of diverse materials.

So If the universe can be seen as an atom segmented off into 3 different areas of ups and downs then it means the supper large also holds the atoms of other types in creation and particles to go with the environment of size, all environments hold to the order of existence and just becomes bigger and more divers in make up would still hold to the order of matter creation. Size in order of complexity means that the more divers parts of creation are then the chaotic diversity also exists. Complex size and the more the diversity the more nature has to evolve into and balance the ordered control, so like DNA separates parts to reorder parts and then reuse parts, the evolutionary process becomes to nature a balanced order in caos. So If the universe is an atom then the electron revolving round the universe also behaves in the same way as the small - some times throwing off an electron and if size is the same as in behavior then the electron casing protects the universes interior.

Light Energy : 1) Weak Current - 2) Separated Colours of Light - 3) Density of Colour 4) Fractional Light - 5) Visible White Energy

Layers of Dark Energy under Dark Matter = Particle Periodic of Dark Matter floating on and in Dark Energy, eg table

Dark Energy simple categorization Light energy unseen due to its environment and size. Dark Matter simple categorization particals unseen due to its environment and size

Energy build up to a colour then to a Dens colour - Fractional to 3 waves - white Light energy of a 3 wave combination to light circuitry transport around the gluons. See atom for eg

Shaded fractions before it becomes 1 Coloured fractions to represent the spectrum of light and all of its variations to build the language of light.

Sample of language - I am Red - I am Green - I am Blue = reflection of a rejection = 1 and 1 = any colour as a simple example

0 = Dark Energy 1 = Dark Matter

Arias of Dark matter and Dark energy fall in arias of a verid mix of fluidity, see hydrogen atom for eg

So energy is only seen if a colour is represented to it and matter becomes 1 when a grouping is made to offer an opportunity of a group reflection and this apples to all arias of the sub sub and atomic layers according to the waveform of detectable light.

The 1 in this instance is a representation of a change of state so any fraction can be seen as 1 with an energy signicher to identify the variances that match chaotic order.

0 then 0 = 1 then 0 = 1-1 then 0 =2 then 0 =2-1 then 0 =3 example of light build up to quarks

In this simple equation were 0 becomes 1 is a change of state and were 0 represents light being absorbed and not reflected and 1 is a rejection of a fraction to an accepted opportunity for a change of state and becomes 1 according to its detectable state.


0 then 0 = 1 then 0= 1-1 then 0=2 then 0=2-1 then 0=3 shading brings complexity to the equation of fractions that bond the numbers of wave form.

Circle = Orb

orb = interior 3 waves

wave = R G B

Gluons created due to the communication of 9 fractions of light with multiple wave signatures concentrate to a true match, so elements communicate with a weak energy and shielding is created and a force shealed holds the 3 wavelengths in place for its environment, so the light circuit is made and looks like an outer circle with 3 inner waves connecting to the outer cercal, the weak energy shield flashes 3 colours and then sends its signal to the others in the group and creates the gluons. A Gluon is like a fiber optic cable transporting multiple colors and energy (electricity) in reality the loose form of an atom molecule is free and an ununiformed geometry but the forces of shielding keep it in place.

Build up of enegy ,eg Red communicates as i am Red - i am now Blue - i am now Green

Universe in 3 primary colours as a containment of an environment and at the universe night could produce an aria like ups and downs as in 2 up 1 down and at night 2 down 1 up. Quantum Theory Lights on Light off energy wave traversing the up of a wave cure and a down of a wave cure. Three major regions of space, Blue suns Green suns and Red suns ? is one sun type the creation of different environments that Chang its colure, regions of gases in space.

eg, of a light circuit made out of light represented as a diode and an Atom.

Atom examination of hydrogen gave the rules of its environment and like all relative thing in science the size dictate the rules of its interior. The existence of all other exterior matter regardless of environment creates a relationship to the interior of influence.

New Thinking

Dark Energy resides out side the light wave but traverses and is connected to the wave Gama-ray, Dark Energy (exit) diffusion in the AM Radio fields research ? Dark Energy traverses all regions of light wave changing its state until it leaves the light wave and exits as radio. there must be a line of dark energy that traverses the wave crests in the regions of the curve of the wave top and bottom.

Tube theory to radial bubble of transport,

So Sun in space with a dot of light and a diffuser sheet of light with a concentration of light at the edge, Rotation theory for concentration of light, so blue suns should show an opposite sheet of light with a concentration and diffused state to the mirror, eg left rotation and right rotation sends the light to a sheet and into diffusion leaving the concentration at the start of the direction of the rotation.

Theory Dark Energy is all energy not used by matter or Dark Matter. It must reside in an aria of a frequency that holds a relationship to the spectrum. Dark energy should follow the light wave curves as meany frequencies to match.

Bubble of air in water were the air holds its tension of and outward force while the water pushes its force inward, so the tension of the water takes a 3 dimensional hold on the bubble and evens the tension to the force of the outward tension coursed by the air.

Hydrogen is an element of 1 an Oxygen is an element of 2 - H20. So far the relationship is 3 with fractional variants in the layers of 3.

Earths frequencies of all the light wave cover the aria of the atmosphere and light interaction on the gasses

Is Energy - Electricity in its loose from a liquid to create fluidity ?

Neutron Proton Mix Electrons and magnetics Looking at a Neutrons Star and Proton Stars its composition resembles liquid - due to its molecular order

You should be able to create a ball of liquid electricity in a vacuum and hold it in place under magnetic s. A ball of liquid energy for a constant power drain should revolutionise the energy shortage in the futcher. Density and environment should create liquid energy in a vacuum.

Matter creation is linked to heat temperature and light calling in the building blocks of partials to create a complex matter structure under all environmental conditions

Universe complexity of environment : I now think the Void is just an expanse to fit all size and all natural rules of nature.

Theory :

Floating thing in space = all mathematical principals and rules of nature all in one environment. Universe seen as an atom - builds an aria of creation that helps hold and pressurise the vacuum of space through external mass : Theory Dark Energy liquid as the Void and seen as a partial of energy liquid but in the supper massive are seen as the small bits of energy in our universe . The supper massive seen as the supper small then size and complexity of divers matter runs on the same rules in all environments - frequencies of many bits of energy.. So all frequencies in the universe and in the Dark Energy Liquid makes thing Float. eg audio wave and polystyrene balls floating on a frequency but like all frequencies the weight is calculated to hold the matter in a stable position. So gravity denting space complies to the mass & weight so the overall energy in the universe is help by the over all outer masses of the external environment of supper massive.

Earth denting space and rotating in space - Rotational Friction in space = Gravity effecting space creating an energy in between the magnetic distance to the dent and its span to the earth. The churning up of the particles in the rotation = agitation. Wave Form & Vibration ? all wave forms create a vibrational energy called resonance. An Eco system of interspaces that has vibrational energy resonance and magnetic influence form earth south pole to the open space to the dent may hold energy to flout the earth in space under electric magnetic influence. Do all rotational planets have a higher or lower distance ? to see if electro magnetism affect the float

Chamber open to space holding plasma particles under magnetics and allowing space to flow though and hydrogen in space to see if it keeps it ignited - environment creation to hold all associated materials in place to keep ignition in place, - bobble of magnetic to keep things in place but like an electron with energy fields , ? try lazer fields with energy support and wave bands of oscillation in a frequency range. examine colour frequency ranges for best support of environmental holds. Universe early creation is energy - energy frequency early young energy posabley Blue so very young energy is black before visibility, blue looks like the 1st signs of visibility of energy in the three dimensions of all sizes. So Blue may be the colour of the best environmental support but other's may be stronger but weak energy is preferred in nature. Weak energy is more elastic and flexible and can cope with surges of change better.

This is a structured order of time space to understand the natural Order of Space

Time Space Periodic Time Table (Dark Energy Dark Matter periodic`s)(to be created)

Quantum PHYSICS a discrete quantity of energy proportional in magnitude to the frequency of the radiation it represents.

Quantum Universe Partial. A Confined aria of Space Time with all matter in all its forms to chemistry & molecular order under Chaos.

Time & Space :- Time is now a molecule made of dark energy & dark matter and space.

Open space with nothing is empty and its elasticity of tension brings a density to nothing and the dense nothing becomes a partial of (time space) compressed and in the three dimensions the dense (motionless time) & (space) behaves like a partial of tension and tension under compression and density of (motionless time) & (space) called the (Void). See eg test system in layers.

(motionless time & space) builds tension. The motionless (time) & (space) = Void. see intersecting Void Partials

The three dimensional environment as Dark Energy 5th relm = 1 relm of (motionless time) & (space) as the 5th containment Relm = a motionless time tension containment with a Dark Energy field.

Time space = Compression

Time Space = Density

Time Space = Expansion

Time space = Expansion Tension

Time Space = Tension Compression

Time is were Dark Energy builds Dark Matter and as soon as Dark Mater exists Space is created, the tension is part of Dark Matter that hold in the time frame and it then has controlled elasticity, the 1st time frame filed with Dark Energy that created Dark Matter and then expands to compressed time for space to exist . Dark Matter is Space layered in tension, time tension is created by compression expansion. So Dark Matter is Dark Energy under tension.

Time Sub Partial with Dark Energy = Containment of Time Energy

Dark Matter in time = Space expansion

Multiple Space (Dark Matter) expansion until Time Space reaches Saturation in layers

Layered Space hold a time structure of molecular ordered time, called multi divers time space

Creation of Time & Space

Time Frame Dark Energy casein ( losses Energy fluid )

Time Frame Dark Matter casein ( Time Tension )

Compressed Time to Tension Compression.

1st  Time Particle Sub Sub

2nd Time Particle Sub Dark Energy expansion ( e DE ex )

3rd Space Particle Sub Dark Matter containment ( sub 1 DM particle Containment ) DMPC

4th Time Space Particle containment expansion under Dark Energy & Dark Matter production. TS DM PC

5th Space Time created and Divers Environment Expansion Containment.

Space Time as the 5th dimension unifies all time in its self leaving time affects in the creation of multi unified time as a universe.

3 Dimensions is a singularity of (Time&Space) to create Space Time.  5 = five times Time & Space to create 1 universe

A Universe as a frame work of confined void space in divers evolution this builds Time&Space to create Space&Time.

Space Time as Dark Energy unifies all energy in time and space-time in its self leaving Dark Energy affects in the creation of multi diverse Energy. Time and Space coexist as a unified environment of (Void Space) so the mixing of all (Void Space) all things coexist in the same place once it has been created as a Space Time Universe under containment.

Layers of Space Time

Space time = Compression

Space time = Density

Space time = Expansion

Space time = Expansion Tension

Space time = Tension Compression

Dark Energy = density to tension to resistance = loose or liquid Dark Matter under tention. Tention = Dark Energy convertion to Dark Matter Tention Resistance. Dark Matter = loose Dark Matter tention to Densisty, Density to matter creation.

Time Relm Black Hole - The Diversity of Black Holes has reached the aria of Time. The Black Hole under tension of the event horizon build a compression to the center of normal time determined by it diameter. Time Relativity plays a part in the multi divers environment of the Black hole.

Time Tention builds a relationship to Dark Energy

So Time Compression and Environment would create an environment of a molecular matter under a temperature or a compression to fuse or hold under bonding or binding.

Time Relm 0 = Quantity Black Hole Bubble ( Empty Space with Inserted Time only ) So a roaming Black Hole Could be nomadic until it reaches a time frame of stability. Question is a supper massif Black Hole the link to the 5th time relm dimension. eg see Time Space Notes 5th dimensional time relm holds in the 4th time relm that holds in the 3rd time relm multi divers time frames creating the 3 dimensions. So the compression of time in the 5th dimensional time frame creates a resistant touch like 2 bubbles creating a hole but like all time is moving the nomadic black hole romes an unstable or free time space relm until an interaction occurs. (Formation of crystal) Assumption of a pop out under observation, the reaction of space in time ripples an echo of stability of a cone like shape that created the foreword cone shape to a diameter of resistance. eg event horizon spread to a cone. untill an equalisation happens in the time continuum and its creation of a Galaxy with a black hole in  the center. (this needs expanding)

Time Relm 0 = Void ( motionless time tension containment ) (Multi Divers Chaotic 0 creation)

Time Relm 1 = Sub Sub = Dark Energy containment Production Energy periodic`s multi divers frequency build up.

Time Relm 2 = Sub = Time motionless containment  Expansion with Dark Energy Atomic creation and Time Expansion compression Containment

Time Relm 3 = Matter creational relm =  interior of Universe

Time Relm 4 = Containment of  3 Dimensions holding in the relms like a molecule = Universe molecule see notes

Time Relm 5 = Total Containment (mixed time frames of multi chaotic time containment) see image 

Time Relm 6 = Geometry of time

Time Relm 7 = Multi Divers Time Geometry.

Quantify Time  =  multi divers environment of nothing were time passes slowly during the build up of time fragments under containment means that the small and sub small and the supper big containment's of nothing match the Black Holes of sizes. Divers Nothing Environments fit the order of size examination.

Layers of Time Space Containment

Time Sub Sub Particle - 1st layer

Time Sub Particle - 2nd layer

Time Space Particle - 3 layer

Four Times Space Particle`s - make`s a 3 Dimensional Relm called a molecule of multi divers TSST environments.

One as the 5th (Time Space) particle holds the 4th in elastic expansion making the 5th Time Space Dark Energy Partial a confinement of time & space.

1 - Time Space Particle is called a Single Relm of time space. So the 5th dimensional relm is the 5th dimension to hold in place the 4 dimensions that hold the 3 dimensions under expansion contraction. Space Time is created and stable with the 5th dimension in place.

Space Time Molecule - ( Universe )

Three Dimensions

Space Time Molecule ( 3 dimensional Universe )

Multiple Space Time Particles

The existence of the TP - SP & STp Particle is due to the expansion for them to exists in confinement.

Space Sub Particle exists in the Space Time Particle production

Time Sub Particle exists in the Space Time Particle production

Space Time Particle

Space Time Molecule

Space Time Molecular Structured Order

5th dimension holds the growth of space time geometry

Time Geometry - is affected by the Heat Temperature Radiation and matter density

(Dark Energy builds the time frame of Time Geometry) Time clock of heat temperature = cooling or no cooling = matter or no matter. Chaotic order builds all relationships to all things even looses geometry.

Space Geometry - Heat Temperature Radiation builds elasticity and tension to the environment of space.

( Dark Matter affects the space Geometry) Dark Matter does not necessarily follow the Dark Energy framework but may hold the relationship to open space linked to Dark Matter Heat Temperature Radiation cooling and pulling the open space to a tension then time is then ether stretched or not stretched under dark energy tension = Time tension. So space geometry is radiation pathways = loose geometry & Space Time tension.

The 3rd dimension holds in the 2 dimensions creating a relationship of existence for the 2 dimensions to exist. Relationship to space time is internal enclution of geometry of all things existing in one space of multi diverse time environment.

Compressed time space helps thing rotate like the earth. Magnetic fields and Gravity helps dint space and compress time space to rotate objects in space. Magnetics keeps a resistance to the dent in time space keeping a fluid motion in a rotational orbit. Colour helps the rotation of objects but the shade of the colour would determine the speed.

eg Images below = Geometry & Natural Geometry. So under compretion the bursting of one time space to include and creates the casing of a flat relm, creates a natural Geometry

NGC 3147


Ligo Information for research contemplation 

Quantity Black Holes are relms of time, time expansion linked to Dark Energy increase and the meaning of Quantum apiers in the time frame of geometry, so size is relative to the environment and mass. Mass = time fragments that build up to relative time encouraged by Dark Energy to Quantum. The Physics of reality starts at time 0 to fragments to 1. So Time and Dark Energy relationship is linked to an expansion of Quantum Dark Energy to Quantum Dark Energy PHYSICS. ( Cool Environment).

The cooling of nothing to a temperature = Dark Energy creating the cold space under fridge affect of cooling but creates the temperature to a change of state or a degree of heat. As heat and no heat hits the vacuum of space its all linked to energy build up though the layers of space, so in the sub and sub sub temperature is a degree of heat. The relationship to the Oder of the layers are linked to the waveband, ordering a separation of space to the divers layers of space. This brings the science of micro into play and the detection of the smaller layers. So the relationship to space is definitely size temperature and heat to visibility according to the wave band order of detection, and as water separates in temperature to detect warm or cool water so does (Space Time) Separates (Space) from (Space-Time-Matter).

Time Space :- New Space with Time Creation (eg. natural shell of containment)

The void as open none contained space creates motionless time. A contained time frame is time production under atomic time creation, as soon as energy is in motion time is created. The void time frame is still motionless time waiting for the containment of a portion of (Time Space) to create atomic time. As soon as Atomic time is created time is in motion and passes with every rotation of energy. So a Universe with a Night & Day builds (space-time-motion). So from (Time Space) to (Space Time) creation. Time space holds a different Oder of Dark Energy and its Divers range. The stable only diversify in its creation in (Space Time) ageing. So if a black Hole is part of Dark Energy stability then the roaming Black Holes only stabilizes in relative time and then start the ageing process of in (Space Time).

Space Time :- Evolved Space with Matter Creation (eg. Expanded Environment including molecular structures)

Evolved Space (Space-Time-Matter) is created, tension holds and floats things in space but vibration is included in the ability to float. Time passes and the ageing process starts to effect all matter and light decay. The Spectrum of existence starts to reveal itself and the point of reality appear in the viable light frame but reality go`s further into the unseen, so the spectrum hits the layers of size into depth of appearance under frequency. So Dark Energy is the value of all frequencies that emits a frequency of Black or Dark to Gray but the transition frequencies from Black to a change of state makes the Black frequencies the intensity of its color important to the detection of Dark Energy. So white light is light & Dark Energy is its opiate its just as divers in its detection as meany wavebands of color. So Dark Energy is a frequency of identification a carrier wave of multi frequency to black.

4th dimension of time in  the creation of the full time frame of geometry could hold the value of 4 to indicate the aria of the energy and matter that holds the vale 4 possible key to layering space and time in the 3 dimensions. if this exists the value should be linked to magnification and or wave length to help in the cross communication of the layers ?

Partial higgs boson to gluon red green blue                                                 Must have more than one Boson to fit the periodic-table better.

Higgs Boson should be an X Boson - My estimation is that a Boson is a divers range of boson`s to fit chaos

So this is the  grand unification scale. ? - this is not unified but a way of recognising Rough Geometry - you need your Quantum Specs on when looking at the grand unification scale.

To me its this (A Grand Divers Scale) of colored relationships to chaos, see grand unification scale. Theorize to calculate the possibility by using degrees should fined these Boson`s under there associated radius degree angel.

<- eg, Time is transparent and can be passed through but the effects of time in space can create regions of space. The eg model shows how time and space combine to a time compression tension effect. the black lines represent compressed time containment. Relative normal time is held in the interior of the compression tension lines. Introduce space and you get a time diversity in regions of space.

The natural geometry shows how the rough geometric`s of space would perform under chaos, but the fluidity of energy mixed in with time allowing a malleability to create all matter under all conditions of environmental chaotic order. 

Platonic Solids is not your usual science and it is seen as a nonsense but under Quantum thinking as an example of thought brings in a tool of Time Geometry and as its written in history as Geometry then an example of how time its self is manipulated in to Time Geometry. Platonic Solid is an Atom Natural Platonic = Natural Rough Geometry Platonic Solid is Time & Space Natural Rough Geometry. Space Time is not a Platonic Solid eg interior of it is not but the exterior is. 

Eg Time Space tension & Energy is a Platonic Solid = casing

Interia (Space Time) is a liquid or performs as a liquid - Liquid = Enargy

So Time being powered by energy for the passage of time the interactions of time are through the energy's of matter. Layered space could hold the (Space Time) Geometry and the (Time Space) Geometry and in interaction of its geometry form it exploit`s the energy and matter it creates to shape and form the Geometrics. So matter and time is manipulated to form multi geometric shapes to multiply and fit the Space. So under Caos Rough Geometric fit the order of Balanced Geometry, and as the 2 exist in Nature you will fined them in the outer reaches of Space & the layers of size. eg Jupiter

            Earth                                   Sol

So all Matter conforms to the elastic (Space Time) and the malleability of its frame, unseen Geometry should be possible in the 3 dimensional relm when it comes to time geometry and space geometry, so Hypothesis Space could be rough and Time is Balanced Geometry.

The Atom of Hydrogen holds a Hexagon and in the Hexagon is the qube

H,e = Hexagon electron Energy Q,g = Qube Gluon Energy

Unless the Hexagon is the Qube ?.

So if energy is fluid and malleable (which it is) then manipulation off form & shape appears in the universe.

If time only existed then unseen Geometry would still be in place.

Matter brings form to space and space brings form to Time.

Rough Geometry fills the spaces in the Galaxies braining open space to a universe.

Star-fields builds radial pathways and a form of matter and gasses to open space.

Distance builds rough large geometry to ordered sizes of space. (see Hubble's Law image)

So Lets say if Geometry of time exists then in the order of the existence of it its just as divers as chaos and Chaos is the driving force in nature to build the geometric`s and the 3 dimensions hold`s the key to forming good geometric shapes. Matter would be the rough geometry material to miss shape time and space.

The static electron (−1.602176634×10−19 coulombs). So held in it environment holds coulombs of static energy, if this is held in place due to size then the opportunity of a build up is posable.

Static electricity is the build up of an electrical charge on the surface of an object and if it can build up on (Time & Space) or (Space & Time) then Time becomes a particle as well as Space. This would create a small friction in space and a way of creating a charge of electricity under static. Time moves foreword and space expands and as energy builds a friction on time and space then a currant may be possible. Time is the Key for a production of Static. if space is a partial then energy casings ageing would do one thing ether decrease in energy or increase in energy. Ageing = (+ -) (- +). Expantion Tension builds frictional energy in (Space Time) & (Time Space).

Hubble's Law image

Hydrogen Atom

Time Fragments that create`s a Black Hole of compressed Time. See Notes Fragments of time can be of all types of shapes and sizes but under compression can be unified into one time frame. The unification of time brings a malleability to multi fragments of time. Elastic time mixed with Space creates a hole in all Layers of space and if you have enough you get Space (Black Hole). So Time Build Space and space creates the passing of time with energy production. Ageing & decay builds divers energy frequencies to energy partials and molecular materials to an opportunity of matter to form under multi frequencies of energy. So were back to the Humble Hydrogen atom creation in Ups & Downs (Quarks).

cyan - magenta - yellow

Visibility Clarity Divers Frequency Vibration - Ordered Coloured structure to Reality

Atoms Molecular Family

IBM creates a Molecule

Dark Energy Periodic Time table Effects

Dark Time (with no energy) Visible time shows in the rainbow.

Dark Energy (Energy Increase = Passing time) builds materials

Dark Matter creates casings with energy (Resistance and form) (From = Geometry)

(Ageing Decay = Passed time)

time + seconds = ts = infinite T -e = t (t =            exp) Chaos expansion of time is (time ageing) time passed is time that still exists as time but can not run out by its self. Explanation a universe that has the knowledge of its matter remaining, expansion creating space gives time passed to last in its environment of its position in (Space Time) So light is the key to link Time to Space & light is energy and helps time pass.

time is contained by seconds.

t = multi divers T -e
T-e = Time no Energy or (Dark Energy)
T+de = Time with Dark Energy
T+det = Dark Energy Tension
T +dm = Dark Matter