Evolution of the Universe

The Ever Growing Exsistance

The universe expands and keeps propagating the interior as new space is created, the suns build a structure of radiational pathways that expand as new suns are incorporated into the interia of the univers, but the expansion of the center of the univers may mean that it could create a center expelling all matter into the outer regions from the central explosion of the big bang. This may leave the center of the univers with a vacuum of nothing but a radiation decay of the 1st reaction that created the big bang or may have emptied the center to a 0 mater state and my also have emptied the molecular level creating a density of 0 matter. If the universe complies to all models of molecular value then a casing may be created using all matter to create a resistance and a tension to space holding the center of nothing in place and could create the tension of a compressed vacuum at the center of the univers. If the univers holds a layer of stars as a spacel crust of expansion and density and the density becomes increasingly complex then the reaction and life of suns could keep the universe crust expanding.

Mathematical Principles without mathematics pure observation and relationship building creates a better way of working as the random nature of creation verses you can build a better model of the universe.

1 A structure of rules that builds a model structure of visual reality of a framework that matches the mathematics of science

2 Subatomic framework state - inner particle to particle state = fined the relationship from one state to another

3 Building blocks of each state and its relationship = mathamatical links

4 interia of nutron  = 1 up quaks 2 down quarks - interia of proton = 2 up quaks 1 down quark

5 Mathematical principles of the interior of an atom = mathematical relationship to quarks & their communication with each other finding new parts of creation and how they interact with each other.

Theory of temperature controlling the subatomic in space then open space is colder than the dark matter of atoms producing a thicker environment to open space, and if temperature controls the environment to help the binding of the building bloks of subatomic to full atomic then the relationship between is temperature. If The Fridge affect develops cold regions in open 3 dimensional space then the sub layers of heat and friction would build a cold layer of open space.

Black Holes theory catégorisation

supper small,  small, medium, large, supper large black holes 

1 Ball of no Matter (free space) or Ball of no matter with a singularity in a three dimensional black hole in a three dimensional space

2 Flat singularity three dimensional inversion with event-horizon, ethere with or without a singularity that creates an environmental change of folding three dimentional space in on its self to create a three dimentional invertion of no matter. (worm hole)

3 Large Wormholes holes in space due to environment or small holes in space that create a pathway to somewhere else

4 Critical Mass ( cluster of matter that has collapsed in on its self ) like in a posable galaxy center may create a ball of no matter with a singularity

5 Stable holes that have reached its critical mass and equalised space and gravity

6 Black holes linked to White holes as exits for matter like suns to be moved therough space or for the compression of gases and matter to be ignited and show as a white hole.

Theory, If the black and white holes are linked then in an environment such as subatomic then a white hole is a flash of light with matter jumping into existence or out of existence due to the density of the particle

Then all black holes of all types have a part to play in the movement of matter in a 3 dimensional space

Theory of gravertons temporary volume of weight incorporated in a volume of waight

Call in dense particles

Ship Weight

interia weight (humans)

Gravitons, If anything of weight can be seen as producing gravity regardless of size then an earth can be seen as a graverton. So dense particles no matter what size can produce gravity. Then if a chamber can be created to hold dense particles on a subatomic size then you may be abel to create artificial gravity under rotation to create a volume of gravity and if the volume can be incorporate into an object of weight, then the combination of all weight should be recognised in space.

If the gravertons in the chamber can be rotated at speed then the graverton ( dence particals ) should produse a volume of heavy gravity under a G force of rotation that creates a volume of gravity registering its own weight.  This may produse no affect but the volume of graverty comes from the weight of dence particals that then incorporats the objects weight of the spaceship that then may produces evidence of weight in space.

but as all thing of weight move freely in space then the registration of a volume of graverty would have littel affect on the movement in space but be regestred in the object as a volume of graverty in its self.

Example space station video from NASA were the heavy machinery for exorcise showed weight in motion. Then if the chamber can be created then the combination of particles and have the particles behave like a gyro system then it may be able to be incorporated in the process of producing gravity. Hadron in operation running and managing the operation of the equipment built an area of interest in the wait of the Hadron and the control of the issue gave the thinking in the volume of gravity chamber.

So if the othere types of suns colide then a similar relationship occurs in the creation of chemistry and if the aria of the univers has a light spectrum that separates the universe into areas of chemistry then the relationship is that all parts of creation is needed to create all things in the univers.

After looking at the possibility of light colours creating a rotation and finding out that a color can change the direction of a rotation. theory of rotation needs examining for evidence in space and why matter would be affected by colour to rotate a globe or a galaxy in an area of space. so check the arias of space were rotation takes place to see if any relationship is relevant. Theory of rotation light wave in all its forms affecting matter. some waves bounce off or absorb or pass through thery so the effect of all could cause a rotation. so find out relationship

Relationship to the universe is chemistry molecular bonding, tempricher, cooling heat presher for crystals to form in space

but for some cristals to form on earth it takes a catalist like water solubal moleculer

Nutron stars that collide produces precious metals Gold Silver Platinum. Theory of tempricher in space were the cooling of an explosion creates the different metals. Theory to look for new metals in such conditions like hidrogen metals under pressure and other anomalys I would look at a posable casing like a bubbl around a star and its make up.

Proton and nutron starts, thery if there is an inverted and uninverted effect on the star that then could produse a casing around a star as a bubble of inverted and uninverted magnetic field. Electron casing of charged particles or just charged particle positive or negative - question how many particles to make a casing around a star.

inverted magnetic field - Stream particles out of the north and south poles ?

uninverted magnetic field creates a bubble ?

Magnetic field pushed out and separated from the neutron star to make a casing ? stoping or containing the stream of particles untill equalised ?.

1st Principals of universe creation from the big bang,

Matter creation is linked to heat temperature and light calling in the building blocks of partials to create a complex matter structure under all environmental conditions

The universe creation from the 1st explosion created the 1st model of mater folding and unfolding of materials, this led to the reuse of the creation process of matter, creating the same environment on a small scale and condensing the hole process to form in galaxys on a smaller scale by creating the environment of all materials for the forming of suns and planetary body's. So the new galaxy forms from the collection of suns to create a mass of light and matter that then radiates out to a radius due to its size and mass this in turn creates a life cycle of a time period to generate enuf matter  and gasses that is spewed out by the center of the galaxy to then form new suns and then to start the gravity process of collection of matter to form the planetary body's. This then repeats  over to create the density of the  new forming galaxy until it reaches a critical mass of matter creation and then starts to rotate the galaxy.

Matter creation using dark matter and dark energy reaction of light from the collection of a light source like a mass of suns in a center of a galaxy.

This in turn starts a relationship between the layers of dark matter and dark energy were heat radiation and reaction starts a process off to create matter from the building blokes of the subatomic & Sub Sub atomic. This then builds a connection to the aria of three dimensional space and starts an order reaction on a small scale that then allows the process of bonding to form the 1st bits of large matter. This holds the relation ship to gravity and the collection of matter to form larger parts of matter and this in turn creates a gravity to form over an object to then hold gasses around the object and then start the 1st suns to be created, so this then starts the process off on a much larger scale to start the formation of planetary bodies. The aria of space that creates heat could be the catalyst to pull the light out of the darkness to start the creation of bonding and binding of matter through all layers of creation. Dark Energy creates Dark Matter to then create physical matter.

Universe complexities of environment

Floating thing in space = all mathematical principals and rules of nature all in one environment

Universe seen as an atom builds an aria of creation that helps hold and pressurise the vacuum of space through external mass

Worm Holes to fit the Reality of Space - Model - An inverted Magnetic filed and gravity influence over the surface of the inner walling of the hole to show the effects of Gravity and magnetic field variations held in the outer inner wall - and the interior of the Wormholes effects in regens or quadrants of open space for the whole length of the opening & covering the depth to the exit, the possible interferences while traversing the interior of the worm hole wall & its depth. Clusters of Mass and the light fields of radiation of low Mass Effects or clear space over the whole length of the Worm Hole interia.

Eg image examination of model provided by Steven Hawkins

for further inspection.

Michael Ian Hammond examination of and explanation of imagery.

Worm Holes supper massif geometry can build a rough geometry that dos not hold a unified form of a worm hole due to its size, matter clusters of density due to the geometry of space, held in place under a tension that creates a hole in the side of the geometrical wall, the tension becomes loose, so if you could traverse the hole you would pop out in space at a tension hole in the wall of the Worm Hole. The Radial Mass of a heat source must determine the effect of its surroundings and its diameter that affects the environment of space geometry of Time & Space. So Radial distance and severity of heat also builds a relationship to space affecting the time space. In a 3 dimensional space the affect of another heat source builds a different geometry and affect the overall 3 dimensions from another perspective. So the density of space and the inclusion of matter determines the geometry of tension of all types of space and time to build a hole in space called a wormhole. Worm Holes of all sizes will comply to the natural laws of environment. So the possibility of a wormhole being created could lay in the roughness of space until there is a unified hole created and the distance could be due to the all reary loos space of holes and gaps that build a stable Wormhole. Black Holes are thing that pop into existence quickly but a worm hole may take some time to be created.

1 / 1 Computer simulation of the distribution of matter in the universe. Orange regions host galaxies; blue structures are gas and dark matter. A University of California study demonstrated that opaque regions of the universe are like the large voids in the galaxy distribution in this image because too little light from the galaxies is able to reach such regions and render them transparent. Credit: TNG Collaboration

MIH Examination - Universe complexity's of environments

The filaments of radiation pathways Could be Dark Energy to Dark Matter.

MIH Examination - Is this Dark Energy to Dark Matter ?

Frequencies of the white bubbly stuff ? (Energy Blue) v (Dark Matter white)

The new version of Hubble's deep image. In dark grey is the new light that has been found around the galaxies in this field. That light corresponds to the brightness of more than 100 billion suns.(Image: © A. S. Borlaff et al.)

The 2012 version of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field image. (Image credit: R. Ellis (Caltech), and the HUDF 2012 Team/NASA/ESA)